Why Choose Dr. Sangiamo?

Removing pressure on your nerves and re-balancing your body structure through chiropractic spinal adjustments can be a powerful experience. In fact, chiropractic corrections can affect hundreds of bodily functions and activities after one adjustment. Your body will begin to rebuild itself as the flow of nerve impulses over the spinal cord and spinal nerves are normalized.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

With continued chiropractic care your spine and nervous system will continue to release deeply-rooted stress and you may notice the following benefits:

  • Relaxation & Peace – You may experience a feeling of deepening peace & relaxation after a chiropractic adjustment. This may also lead to deep, refreshing sleep. Some have felt a warm, soothing feeling flowing to various parts of their bodies. While other feel energized!
  • Relief of Symptoms – People react differently after an adjustment. The symptoms from one’s problems that brought them to the chiropractor in the first place may begin to lessen or disappear after the first visit. Others may not notice any significant change after an adjustment. Everyone’s bodies are different and, therefore, react accordingly.
  • Better Balance
  • Smoother Movement
  • More Energy
  • Increased Awareness of Your Spine, Its Movements, Areas of Tightness and Restrictions
  • Awareness of Body Stress
  • Increased Ability to Breathe More Deeply
  • The true benefits of chiropractic care are the preventive benefits, better night’s sleep, more energy, and better nerve system functions.
The Healing Reactions

When you are improving your health, whether by change of diet, exercise, or chiropractic, healing reactions are to be expected. Reactions are a sign that change is taking place.  Since healing can happen in many different ways, we want to make you aware of the following possibilities.

How Should You Feel After Your First Adjustment
  • You may feel great after your first adjustment. Please don’t be fooled by this. Pain is the first symptom to leave. THE CAUSE OF YOUR PROBLEM MAY NOT BE CORRECTED YET.
  • You may feel no change at all. Your condition has probably been around for a very long time and results depend on how well you stick to your treatment plan.
  • You may feel some soreness in the area that the chiropractor worked on. THIS IS A NORMAL REACTION FOR SOME PEOPLE. This is considered a good sign. It indicates your treatment is directed right on the problem.

We are committed to your total health. Please do not hesitate to ask about any concerns you may have about your health and well being.

Chiropractic Facts

Did you know that 17 million Americans suffer from sports related injuries every year? Professional athletes turn to Chiropractic as a means to achieve and maintain that winning edge. Joe Montana, Cole Hammels, Evander Holyfield, Martina Navratilova, Harry Carson, and Ivan Lendl are just a few athletes who maintain excellence with Chiropractic care. Most professional teams keep a Chiropractor on their full time staff.

Why not take care of yourself as professional athletes do? You can feel better in every stage of life!

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