At some point in your treatment program it may be necessary to use vibratory massage within your chiropractic treatment. This is a mechanical method of vibrating the tissues and muscles surrounding your problem area. This vibratory massage aids in further relaxing your muscles and the surrounding tissues.

You will also hear the chiropractor talk about “trigger points.” These are tight hard spots found in the muscle which create spasm and thereby discomfort and pain. These trigger points can be released through direct pressure and through vibratory massage. Once released, it enables the chiropractor to execute a comfortable and more effective chiropractic adjustment.

This relaxation, nerve stimulation, and increased circulation will enhance your healing process and make you a happier and healthier individual, sooner!

Vibratory massage also aids in increasing circulation in the involved area when used over the entire spine and/or the extremities. It will greatly increase the overall circulation and therapy will assist in draining the lymphatic system.

Consider the stress we encounter in our daily lives and the effects it has on our musculature and nervous systems. Other things such as accidents or aggressive physical activity can also have an injurious effect on our nervous system and musculature and skeletal systems. Moist heat will serve to aid the chiropractor in relaxing your muscles and freeing your nerve energy. The effects of hot packs are fivefold:

They produce a local increase in the blood flowing by dilating (opening up) the capillaries (small blood vessels).

*They decrease the pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiration thereby bringing on a more relaxed state.

*They decrease the activity of muscle spasms and nerve excitability.

*They produce a relaxing, soothing effect on the locality of the involved area and the body in general.

*They increase the rate of tissue metabolism.

An increase in tissue metabolism brings a fresh and nourishing blood supply to the area being treated; bringing about faster healing. The increased circulation will enable the injured tissue to more efficiently throw off its waste products so a more complete healing will take place. This will also help reduce scar tissue formation.

With hydrocollation, or hot packs, your body becomes more relaxed which enables the chiropractor to make an easier, more effective adjustment. This helps to reduce the overall length of treatment time.

Intersegmental traction is used to improve mobility and circulation in the joints of the spine. In spinal injuries or mechanical problems of the spine the joints of the spine lose their mobility. Traction stretches the joint, causing a suction which helps the flexibility of the intervertebral disc. Traction also opens up the joint articulations and increases the circulation flow in the spine.

As the spine heals, it must heal mobile and strong to assure that there will be maximum recovery in strength, as well as flexibility of the spine. Stretching the spine improves the elasticity of the tissue and strengthens the disc.

Traction also relaxes, due to the soothing effect on the spine and spinal nerves, to help reduce tension and nervousness, as well as supports the spine to heal more mobile and much stronger. This will help prevent subsequent, recurring spinal injuries.

Electrical muscle stimulation is very low electrical current that affects the myo-neural junction or the area the nerve goes into the muscle. As the electrical current is slowly increased there will be an involuntary contraction of the muscular area being treated.

Exercise is needed for injured or spastic muscles, or areas of muscle spasm, to heal properly. However, forced exercise can be injurious to the muscles.

Passive exercise (contraction and movement involuntarily done while the muscle is at rest) will exercise and thereby strengthen the muscle without injuring it. The area of involvement will then heal stronger and will be much more stable. Using the electrical muscle stimulator will also help to override the established reflex pattern which is causing muscle spasm, restricting motion, and producing pain.

The contraction produced by the electrical current also helps to increase the circulation of blood in the area through exercise, also promoting healing and strengthening the area of muscles involved.

Inactivity during and injured or spastic state while the muscle is healing causes the tissue to heal in the weakened state. The application of electrical muscle stimulation promotes healing and, especially, strengthening of the involved area.

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Massage therapy can release painful muscle tension, increase joint flexibility, improve circulation, and reduce mental and physical fatigue. It is also a proven means to combat stress.

Massage therapists are trained in specialized types of techniques to relieve painful trigger points, relax the protective covering around muscles, realign and heal injured tissue, aid in lymph drainage or restore the natural balance and flow of energy throughout one’s body.
Massage therapy and bodywork can be profoundly relaxing; affecting all of one’s systems throughout the body. After a therapeutic session most patients feel very relaxed. Many experience the freedom from aches and pains that have built up over months of tension or excessive, repeated activity.

Our therapist is happy to discuss any questions you may have over the phone, via email, or in our office before you schedule an appointment. We’re sure you’ll find the best answers come from experiencing a therapeutic massage first hand!


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